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Assessment and Management Tool – Cognitive Impairment in Dementia – the 7As

This tool compiles seven thinking problems and cognitive loss of people with dementia and strategies to compensate.

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Assessment and Management Tool – Internal Transfers Checklist

A tool to assist with internal transfers.

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Assessment and Management Tool – Meaning and Solutions for Behaviours in Dementia

This document outlines a list of solutions to help manage specific dementia-related behaviors.

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Assessment and Management Tool – Modified Dementia Observation System

This is a tool for documenting the behaviors for people living with dementia.

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Assessment and Management Tool – Process Flow for Escalated Behaviour

This flow map describes the process to follow as soon as an escalated behaviour is identified by any healthcare provider.

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Assessment and Management Tool – Senior Alcohol Misuse Indicator (SAMI) Tool

The SAMI is a brief screening tool used to detect alcohol use problems in older adults.  This is a validated tool that asks older adults about alcohol use in a way that is conversational rather than fact-finding.

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Other – 12 Steps to Effective Clinical Coaching

This document provides tips on how to coach clinicians.

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Other – Fishbone Template for Workplace Wellbeing

Fishbone template for workplace wellbeing.

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Other – Knowledge to Practice Framework

This document describes the 4-part framework which can be used to guide the knowledge to practice process.

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Other – PRC Program of Toronto Brochure

This brochure summarizes the role of the PRCP.

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Other – PRC Program of Toronto Contact List

Contact list for the PRC program of Toronto.

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Other – PRC Role Description

This document describes the role and responsibilities related to education and leadership of a psychogeriatric consultant.

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Other – PRC-led training for Behavioral Support Role

This is a template for PRC led training.

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Other – Tools for Facilitating Health Care Teamwork

This document provides useful tools related to the specific roles needed in teamwork.

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Presentation – Innovations in Geriatric Education and KTP in Long Term Care

This presentation provides information about learning needs and opportunities in long term care.

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Presentation – Innovations in Responsive Behaviour Poster

This poster summarizes a series of interventions directed to improve the management of patients with responsive behaviors.

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Report – PRC Successes and Innovations (2016)

This document provides a summary of all activities developed by the PRCP program such as innovative learning in the Toronto Central LHIN, an update on Build a Behaviour Support Resource Team, and more.

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For older adults and their family and caregivers who are looking for information about community services and programs including health and wellness, estate and advanced care planning, housing, finances, and transportation, we recommend the Ontario Government’s website Information for Seniors.

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