The Board comprises 11 directors who are elected by the members of the corporation. They are selected based on their diverse perspectives and experience, their capacity to provide excellent board leadership and their commitment to the vision and mission of the RGP. All members of the corporation have the opportunity to elect the board at the annual general meeting.

To reflect our mission, and provide a balance among institutional and community interests, the composition of the Board includes four members from our local network of participating organizations, one member who brings an academic perspective, and six citizens from the community at large.

From Hospitals with RGP Participation Agreements

Linda Jackson
Karim Mamdani (Vice-Chair)
Gary Newton
Ru Taggar


Geoff Fernie


Carol Anderson
Anne Babcock
Caroline Brereton
Gail Donner
Scott Dudgeon (Chair)
Cathy Fooks

RGP Staff

Barbara Liu, Executive Director (ex officio)
Marlene Awad, Director of Operations (Staff)