As a recognized leader in developing specialized geriatric services (SGS), we are pleased to announce that the TCLHIN has enhanced our role for 2018/2019 to provide system level coordination and performance management for all SGS across the TCLHIN. We will provide guidance at the provincial, regional (LHIN), and local collaborative level (LHIN sub-region) in organizing and supporting equitable access to specialized geriatric services aligned with the vision of population health planning.

We are committed to supporting the TCLHIN in creating a successful population-based and integrated system of care. With our enhanced role and the TCLHIN’s support, we will leverage the experience, authority, relationships, and human resources to provide seamless integration of services for older adults across the health care system. We will transform the delivery of SGS by increasing access, improving quality, and driving efficiency.

We will share developments in this work in the News and Events section of our website.