Take a bird’s eye view of the senior friendly care journey

An overview of how organizations can get started

Assemble an interprofessional senior friendly care implementation team

Assemble a group of interprofessional staff at different levels of the organization who can devote time to planning the implementation of sfCare. If you work in acute care, reach out to those who have been involved in previous senior friendly hospital initiatives. If your organization has multiple sites, make sure to include representation from each site.

Do an assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Access our free, online,  self-assessment tool to identify strengths and opportunities in your organization. Complete the assessment with input from your implementation team. You will receive a report of your results with recommendations within 5 business days. Click here for sample report.

Take the self assessment

Prepare key messages for leadership and staff

Develop key messages that relate to the priorities of leaders and staff across your organization. Access our 5-minute videos for executives and staff on what senior friendly care is and why it’s important, the needs of older adults, and what executives and staff can do to make a difference.

Watch Video for ExecutivesDownload PPT Slide Deck for ExecutivesWatch Video for All StaffDownload PPT Slide Deck for All Staff

Create an implementation plan based on the results of your self assessment

Your self-assessment report will highlight which senior friendly recommendations need further development and what implementation resources might be relevant. Access our sfCare Getting Started Toolkit to learn more about implementation resources.

Download the Getting Started ToolkitRead the 10 Recommendations

Prioritize one process of care to start with

Roll out your implementation plan with a focus on one process of care across your organization. We suggest starting with either mobilization or delirium prevention. Decide what needs to change to support your selected process of care in the remaining sfCare Framework domains: organization supports, emotional and behavioural environment, ethics in clinical care, and the physical environment. Document your efforts and use any lessons learned when you turn your attention to other processes of care. Don’t forget to check out our staff training resources on your selected process of care!

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