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Assessment and Management Tool – Pain

A comprehensive pain assessment tool.

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Assessment and Management Tool – Pain in Older Adults with Dementia

The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing developed this reference sheet on the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD) Scale.

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Assessment and Management Tool – RNAO’s Pain in the Elderly

The RNAO developed this learning package for nurses to effectively manage acute and chronic pain in a long-term care setting.

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Assessment and Management Tool – SF7 Pain Toolkit

The SF7 Toolkit supports clinical best practices for healthcare providers across the sectors of care and includes self-management tools for older adults and their caregivers. The toolkit provides a common practice framework that complements the unique skills and practices of the various care providers helping older adults. SF7 focuses on seven clinical areas that support resilience, independence, and quality of life: cognition (particularly delirium), mobility, social engagement, continence, pain, nutrition, and polypharmacy.

The SF7 toolkit is available by individual topic, or bundled together. Click here to access the SF7 Toolkit.

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Presentation – Impact of Pain on the Elderly (SHSC) Poster

A poster highlighting the physiological, functional, spiritual, psychological and cognitive aspects of pain.

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Presentation – SLP and Audiologist Interventions for Pain (SHSC) Poster

A poster highlighting the SPL and Audiologist role in pain management – from swallowing pills comfortably, to communication techniques for pain.

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For older adults and their family and caregivers who are looking for information about community services and programs including health and wellness, estate and advanced care planning, housing, finances, and transportation, we recommend the Ontario Government’s website Information for Seniors.

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