Senior Friendly Care Learning Series

The sfCare Learning Series supports healthcare providers in optimizing care for the unique needs of older adults. The series provides free, evidence-based education and tools for PSWs, clinicians, and caregivers on key clinical topics that support resilience, independence, and quality of life for older adults living with frailty.

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Delirium in Dementia – Clinician Learning Series pptx [1.07 MB]

Learn about the relationship between delirium and dementia and a practical approach to assessing delirium in dementia. Case studies included!

Available in French


Ontario’s Delirium Quality Standard – Practical Implementation Guide pdf [523.12 KB]

Regardless of your type or size of organization, or where you’re starting from (getting started or building on successes, or anything in between), use this guide to achieve quick wins when putting the standard into practice.

Mental Illness and Dementia Quick Reference Guide pdf [344.48 KB]

A guide for non-clinical care providers such as Personal Support Workers on the signs, symptoms, communication tips, and care strategies for several common mental illnesses.

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For older adults and their family and caregivers who are looking for information about community services and programs including health and wellness, estate and advanced care planning, housing, finances, and transportation, we recommend the Ontario Government’s website Information for Seniors.