Senior Friendly Care Learning Series

The sfCare Learning Series supports healthcare providers in optimizing care for the unique needs of older adults. The series provides free, evidence-based education and tools for PSWs, clinicians, and caregivers on key clinical topics that support resilience, independence, and quality of life for older adults living with frailty.

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Urinary Incontinence & Medications – Clinician Learning Series pptx [780.74 KB]

Learn how to apply knowledge of bladder physiology to classify and identify medications that contribute to incontinence and pharmacological treatments used for urinary incontinence.

Available in French

Slide decks

Introduction to Urinary Incontinence – Clinician Learning Series pptx [916.90 KB]

Learn how to distinguish between the types of urinary incontinence and about what interventions are available to treat urinary incontinence. Co-developed with Dr. Martha Spencer, MD, FRCPC, Providence Health Care, Clinical Instructor, University of British Columbia.

Available in French


Urinary Incontinence Patient Handout pdf [1.19 MB]

Includes tips for what patients should know, ask, or do for urinary incontinence. Intended to be used by clinicians, including geriatric specialists, during care conversations to support patient and caregiver engagement and patient self-management. Available in French.


Urinary Incontinence Awareness Poster (multi language) pdf [1.44 MB]

Intended to be displayed in a healthcare environment and designed to stimulate conversation between a patient/caregiver and healthcare providers. This poster is also available in French


Senior Friendly 7 – Urinary Continence Toolkit pdf [1.26 MB]

Urinary continence chapter of the SF7 toolkit. Includes plain language definitions of the types of incontinence and a care decision tree for care providers. Applicable for all audiences.


E-Learning for clinicians

The e-learning series has 7 clinical modules: delirium, loneliness, mobility, nutrition, pain, polypharmacy, and urinary incontinence. Each module has a short quiz and a certificate of completion. The e-learning series is free, and learners can self-enroll and complete modules at their own pace. Click here to enroll in e-learning on the Canvas e-learning platform, and enter join code KYPFHJ. Returning learners can login anytime from the Canvas login page. The e-learning series features and FAQs can be accessed here.

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For older adults and their family and caregivers who are looking for information about community services and programs including health and wellness, estate and advanced care planning, housing, finances, and transportation, we recommend the Ontario Government’s website Information for Seniors.