Specialized Geriatric Services

Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) are a range of health care services, which use a comprehensive geriatric assessment to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate older adults with frailty (or those at risk of becoming frail) with complex and multiple medical, functional, and psychosocial issues.

SGS are provided on a consultative basis by interprofessional teams of health professionals in a variety of settings, including home, hospital, outpatient, and long-term care. The goal of SGS is to reduce the burden of disability by detecting and treating reversible conditions and recommending optimal management of chronic conditions.

The following services are provided across our network of organizations.

Outpatient Services

These services are provided to older adults in their home or in an outpatient setting. A referral is required using this Referral Form. Questions regarding the referral process may be directed to the organization providing the service.

Geriatric Outreach Teams

Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in the older adult’s home or long-term care home are conducted by one or two healthcare professionals in geriatric medicine, nursing, social work, psychiatry, physiotherapy, or occupational therapy. Other health professionals may be involved if needed. They work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to facilitate linkages/referrals and assist in their implementation.

Geriatric Outpatient Clinics

Clinics led by geriatricians, who provide a comprehensive geriatric assessment, care planning, and treatment. They work collaboratively with other healthcare providers, including primary care practitioners, to provide holistic care.

Specialty Clinics/Programs

Clinics or programs which are focused on a specific issue, such as mental health (including memory and mood), pain, falls prevention, and care after being hospitalized. Some organizations also provide programs for caregivers. Click here for a directory of memory clinics in the TC LHIN.

Geriatric Day Hospitals

Geriatric Day hospital programs are recommended for frail older adults living in the community who need to improve their functional ability following discharge from hospital or who are at risk of a hospital admission because of complexity. Older adults attend the day hospital once or twice a week until their goals are achieved.

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Emergency Services

These services are provided to older adults in emergency departments or in long-term care homes.

Geriatric Emergency Management

GEM nurses provide comprehensive geriatric nursing assessment and care planning for older adults with frailty in emergency departments. Please click here for the GEM Contact List.

GEM Program FAQ

Nurse Led Outreach Team

NLOTs provide emergency mobile nursing services in long-term care homes (LTCHs). Their primary role is to care for residents whose acute change of condition put them at risk of a transfer. They respond to urgent calls from LTCHs, build the capacity of staff, and enable efficient access to outpatient services.

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Hospital Inpatient Services

These services are provided to older adults when they are admitted to hospital.

Specialized Geriatric Inpatient Units

Specialty Geriatric Inpatient Units such as Geriatric Assessment and Treatment Units, Geriatric Rehabilitation Units, Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Units, and Geriatric Mental Health Units are focused on providing comprehensive geriatric assessment and treatment for older adults with complex conditions.

Inpatient Consultation Teams

Older adults with complex conditions may be found throughout a hospital and Inpatient Consultation Teams are available to provide a comprehensive geriatric assessment and consultation to the attending physician/care team for patients admitted to non-geriatric units.

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Psychogeriatric Resource Consultation Program of Toronto

An interdisciplinary team of health professionals provides knowledge to practice (KTP) services to those providing care for older adults with complex behaviors associated with dementia and associated neurological conditions, late life mental illness and addictions, in long-term care homes, community service agencies, and in home and community care. Read our PRCP flyer or our BSRT workshop offerings sheet for more information. Click here to contact a PRC.

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