Webinar – Sept 19, 2019, 12-1pm

sfCare Caregiver Education Project

The Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario (RGPO) is co-designing educational resources with family/friend caregivers of older adults living with frailty. RGPO hosted focus groups with caregivers across Ontario to understand experiences, learning needs, and preferred method(s) of learning through a project entitled the Senior Friendly Caregiver Education Project. The focus groups were on topics related to frailty: delirium, mobility, continence, nutrition, pain, polypharmacy, and social engagement.

Come  learn about how and what caregivers prefer to learn about frailty and some key messages for health care professionals that may support clinical practice

Presenters: Sarah Gibbens, RN, MN, GNC(C), PhD(c) and Susan Bacque, BSc, MA from the RGPO

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