What is health equity? What does health equity look like in older adult populations? Part 4, entitled “Uncovering Diversity – Cultural Humility and Safety When Caring for Black Older Adults” is presented by Mireille Norris, MD, FRCPC.

A diverse population requires healthcare providers to practice with cultural humility in order to collaboratively work with their clients and patients. In this interactive learning session, Dr. Norris will present information that will assist healthcare providers to understand the experience of Black older adults within the healthcare system. Additionally, she will share practical tips and evidence-based tools that will enhance providers’ ability to deliver culturally safe care to their Black clients and patients.

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“RGP webinars” have a new name! Over the pandemic you may have noticed that our live events offer more than the traditional webinar presentation. The new name “RGP Learning Sessions” aligns with our intent for these events – which is to offer practical content using a variety of mediums with a focus on amplifying diverse perspectives. We hope you see you in the upcoming sessions!