In March 2021 Ontario Health released a quality standard on delirium prevention and management. The RGP of Toronto was a co-chair in the development of the standard and we have also developed a practical implementation guide to help you put the standard in practice. Join us this for a 3-part practical coaching series on how you can use the implementation guide to change care in your workplace! Come on your own or bring a team! This will be a dynamic, interactive coaching series where all levels of implementers are welcome! Not just your average webinar. No preparation required. Whether you are just getting started, started but stalled, or on a roll this series is for you!

Part 1: Assemble a Team October 28, 2021

View Recording; Download Worksheet 1

In this session you will learn how to create an elevator pitch, provide a case for change, and decide how you will engage various stakeholders.

Part 2: Prioritize a Change Idea November 25, 2021

View Recording; Download Worksheet 2

In this session you will learn practical methods to set priorities in diverse groups and how to set up two-way communication mechanisms.

Part 3: Create a Plan March 31, 2022

View Pearls of Wisdom from Implementers

In this session you will learn how to create a practical action plan, address barriers, and leverage facilitators so that your change sticks. ***This recording of this session was not posted publicly in order to maintain the privacy of session attendees who shared personal experiences about implementation***