Presented by Dr. Jason Kerr, MD, and Mary-Lynn Peters, NP

This presentation will be about a collaborative approach to the prevention and management of delirium. Speakers will discuss the Medical Psychiatry Alliance and the delirium project at Trillium Health Partners. They will share how they implemented delirium prevention, screening, and management with a collaborative medical and psychiatry lens. They will discuss the results of their implementation project including lessons learned along the way.

About The Presenters:

Dr. Jason Kerr is a geriatric medicine specialist who serves as the division head of Seniors Health at Trillium Health Partners, as well as the Interim Chief of Primary Care, Rehab, Complex Continuing Care, Palliative Care, and Seniors’ Health.

Mary-Lynn Peters is a nurse practitioner who serves as the Project Director for the Standards of Care for Seniors, Clinical Services Plan at Trillium Health Partner.

Download webinar slides.